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Dates of the pennies ranged from 1272-1307 and while most were English, there were also coins from Scotland, Ireland and some European countries.

In 1840 workmen hauled a lead-lined chest from the bank of the River Ribble.

Metal detector enthusiast Terry Herbert found more than 3,500 gold and silver artefacts in a field in Hammerwich in July 2009.

The vast majority of items in the hoard were martial gear, especially sword and helmet fittings.

Before television, car companies relied on signs to do their promotional work.

Some vintage automobile signs date to the 1920s, with bold slogans like “Ford: The Universal Car.” Most of these early automobile signs were enameled or porcelain signs, in which layers of colored, powdered glass were heated and fused onto an iron base.

While the messaging in Coca-Cola signs and those of other beverage makers needed only to promise refreshment, automobile signs had to reassure hesitant customers that their prized possessions were about to be delivered into competent hands.Altscene is the answer to all your prayers – it’s the dating hub for emos, goths and punks you’ve been waiting for all your life.The louder the music, the more romantically faithful the listener — at least according to the results of a recent survey conducted by a dating site dedicated to setting up “discreet” connections between people seeking to step out on their significant others.We maintain our position at the forefront of the industry for innovation and integrity whether you're selling to us or buying from us and strive to provide the service of a local independent, with the capabilities of a large corporate.We are also committed to corporate social responsibility, to our workforce, local communities, our customers and the environment.

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