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As the song progresses the mother inches closer to explicitly saying what happened “some give presents before they’re even ready” but steers shy of it.

She eventually talks to her long gone child; “I’m gonna fall in love again”.

The 15 minute monologues, covering issues including the 1967 Wolfenden Report and the HIV crisis, will also be staged at The Old Vic in July.

Gatiss says: "I'm thrilled and delighted to have been asked to curate this exciting series from both established LGBT writers and a whole host of new talent fresh to the screen.

For the album, Chance also collaborated with musicians such as Kanye West, Young Thug, Francis and the Lights, Justin Bieber, Kirk Franklin, and the Chicago Children's Choir.In a statement, the WFTV said: " We acknowledge the efforts of the BBC to address a lack of diversity with this positive initiative and others that it has announced recently.But that it could run such a scheme with only one woman is concerning to many.That said, it’s pretty effed up for to say someone else’s sexuality is made up or fake, especially considering the fact that while queerness is becoming more accepted in our society, the community is still targeted and attacked for who they are and who they love.is giving eight writers the opportunity to write original dramatic shorts for BBC Four, marking the 50th anniversary of the partial decriminalisation of homosexuality in England and Wales.

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