Updating partition details failed

Now by mistake or just not thinking you deploy your project, and when it prompts to overwrite your current database, you So below are the steps that I do, before I make changes to my SSAS project, so that if I happen to deploy it by mistake I will not have to recreate the partitions.You will still have to process them again, but it does save the hassle of having to re-create them all.I didn’t make backup of my phone so factory reset was not an option.

Under the help of Partition Assistant, you can easily & fast create/delete the partition and the most advantage is that it resize/move your partition to readjust the partition volume on the basis that it ensures the security of your valuable data.

If there is any system process running in this drive then the unmount operation end up failing. - partition operations such as resizing partitions, the program needs to unmount the target partition to prevent users from reading the data in it.

If the program failed to unmount, you will get this notice.

A new version of the Adobe Application Manager will start to download.

After it’s downloaded, it will relaunch and the new CC applications will show up when you sign-in.

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