Validating drop down list in asp c sharp

When I wrote this blog post, I wrote that Microsoft was not planning to support VB. This framework uses the [Test Class] and [Test Method] attributes to describe a unit test: If you look at the source code for ASP. You can take a look at the MVC repository (and its unit tests) here: ASP.

That was true when I wrote the blog post, but this blog post generated some strong reactions from the VB. For example, you can retrieve the EFRepository by using the following code inside of an MVC controller action: Goodbye Visual Studio Unit Testing Framework and hello x! NET MVC, the default testing framework was the Visual Studio Unit Testing Framework (sometimes called mstest). For example, the MVC repository contains unit tests written with x

Because of this – and because these tutorials build upon one another - I would encourage you to work through this tutorial in full before moving on to the next one even if you already have had experience configuring forms authentication in past projects. are managed classes whose code is executed in response to a particular event in the request lifecycle. NET ships with a number of HTTP Modules that perform essential tasks behind the scenes.

Two built-in HTTP Modules that are especially relevant to our discussion are: ) executing.

i need to validate a dropdownlist (ddl State) in a c# webform.

in other words, i need to make sure that the user selects an item in the dropdownlist.

Understanding the forms authentication workflow, enabling it in a web application, and creating the login and logoff pages are all vital steps in building an ASP. There are events raised at the very beginning and very end of the request, ones raised when the request is being authenticated and authorized, an event raised in the case of an unhandled exception, and so forth.

It is tricky and avoids the use of Java Script function to validate List Box and Drop Down List. For validating Drop Down List, make sure you have "--Select--" option value 0 other wise validation on it will not work.

I am making an event to check if specific tab page in a tab control is active.

The point is, it will trigger an event if that tab page in a tab control is the currently selected tab. This is more useful if the code is executed based on some event other than the tab page being selected (in which case Selected Index Changed would be a better choice).

The web application we start constructing in this tutorial will continue to be built upon in subsequent tutorials, as we move from simple forms authentication to membership and roles.

Please see this video for more information on this topic: Using Basic Forms Authentication in ASP. In the preceding tutorial we discussed the various authentication, authorization, and user account options provided by ASP. In this tutorial we will turn from mere discussion to implementation; in particular, we will look at implementing forms authentication.

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it contains the items: Items Index (Select a state) 0 Arizona 1 California 2 ....

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