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If you go into the hospital for a stent in the left descending coronary artery, nobody will tell you what it costs, starting with the doctors who have performed the procedure a thousand times.

They can’t even estimate the cost (or won’t), though they could probably give you a pretty good ballpark number for the cost-and-installation of a new fuel pump on their BMW-28i.

Think of the Obama Care reform debate now playing in the US Senate as the final gurglings of polity that knows it is whirling around the drain. At the beginning of the 20 century it was one-quarter of one percent (.25 percent) of the economy.

They’re pretending to attempt to fix a racket that comprises eight percent of the American economy. The standard explanation is that, first, Medicare jacked up overall healthcare activity in the 1960s, hauling in a customer-base of old folks who previously received no special treatment and were, generally, less well than non-old folk.

Of course the “servants” in the hospital scheme of things are a fantastic hierarchy of dangerously overfed clerks overwhelmed by the anomie of spending countless hours typing fictitious numbers into their work stations. If you ask the ones who “interface” with you at the check-out counter how your bill was toted up exactly, you will receive nothing more than a pitiless stare of contempt — which is actually aimed inward at their own existential quandaries, a pathological dynamic that perhaps deserves attention from the research funding troughs.

The cost of everything medical is worked out in a private rain-dance between the aforementioned manifold concerned parties on the basis of what they think they can get away with in any particular case.

Eventually, after years of trolling, Chris began asking for donations from people to continue his projects.

The hapless retards of the net—idiotically thinking that sending Chris cash was "milking the lolcow"—actually began complying with these requests and sending him upwards of 0 and calling it "trolling." It seems that, in the end, Chris actually became the troll by milking countless dipshits out of their monies...

The greater part of the story remains neatly concealed within the matrix of rackets erected around the money-flows since the big cost bump-up in the 1960s, and these involve insurance companies, Big Pharma, corporatized doctors’ practices, hospital monopolies, and, of course, politicians on-the-take dividing amongst each other a colossal pool of grift that exists mainly for one simple reason: the cost of everything is hidden from public view. Certainly not the patients, sometimes called “customers” or “consumers” — but really .Chris-Chan (Real name: Christine Weston Chandler; formerly Christian Weston Chandler and Christopher Weston Chandler but more popularly known as "That Fat, Retarded Fuck"; b.February 24, 1982: Age 35) is a fat, stupid, perverted, religious, autistic, basement-dwelling, racist, homophobic, transgender, pedophile, self-proclaimed (ex-) "virgin with rage", manchild, and creator of his own skillfully-written as well as skillfully-drawn series of comics starring "Sonichu": his supremely retarded hybrid of Pikachu and Sonic the Hedgehog.This person is batshit insane, or so to speak, has serious mental issues, so you cannot reason with them and they cannot take responsibility for their actions.You'll have to run when you trigger them, and it will be all your fault dumbass.

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