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wound is due to the result forces which cross the limits of elasticity or resistance.

The following are the factors which influence the wounding mechanism: 1) Corrosive acids, (2) Corrosive alkalis.

You do not receive “whatever you ask for in prayer”, you cannot “drink deadly things and they will not hurt you”, you cannot “lay your hands on the sick” and have them recover. Here is an unusual bit of evidence that this observation is correct.

A wound or injury is defined as disolution of the natural continuity of any of the tissues of the living body.

Products (other than food or feed) that are composed in whole or in part of renewable agricultural crops such as corn, wheat, or sugar cane; also refers to materials made using biological processes regardless of the feedstock source.

Jesus promises that, for anyone who has faith in his father, i.e.“the one who sent me”, prayers will be answered and the person praying will receive whatever he asks. The three were talking to each other, not shouting – note the verb used to describe the conversation; “saying”, “said unto Jesus”, “Jesus said”.Mark -18: Of course none of the things promised by Jesus are true. Here again, we have irrefutable proof that the words of God are not true. There are multiple events in the Bible where Jesus is quoted but, given the situation, it would have been impossible for anyone to have heard what he said. In their agony they were carrying on a normal conversation that no one could possibly have heard.Who among those hearing those words would not have believed what Jesus said?Answer – none of those in attendance would have doubted what Jesus said.

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