Dating white rotary sewing machines

of course, this was immediately followed by a mission white popping up on ebay, and i nabbed it for around 0, but then had to figure out how to get the blasted thing from rural pennsylvania (where the seller, who wouldnt ship, was from) to san francisco. all the small parts that i needed to put the whole thing back together were now missing, lost somewhere in the disassembly! so now, having sold the minnesota, i was stuck without a working sewing machine until i jury-rigged this one back together, or foudn the spare parts.

this resulted in frantic scrambing, because i hadnt actually expected to the auction, so i called freight companies like mad, trying to come up with a plan, and finally ended up realizing that that was just too expensive - so i turned to friends. my friend judith from nyc pulled through like a champ - took greyhound to philly, rented a car, drove to scranton, picked up the cabinet, drove back to philly, packed it all up, and hopped greyhoud back to nyc, and stored it all in her house. brought the head out in jan 2004, and then shipped the rest in mar 2004. of course, right about this time, another mission white came up on ebay, located ever so conveniently in southern california... so i spent the next few months trying to figure a way out of the quandry, until jul 2004, when another mission white popped up on craigslist, in napa.

you can see the difference in finish here, but in the standard light of my room you cant really notice the difference, and in the end, i dont really care all left side view - showing the bobbin case/shuttle, presser foot, and needle bar i called white (1 8) to get a date based on the serial number (FR 424831) - they said 1911!

so i bought the other mission white for , and merged the two. the drawers/legs and the machine head are from #1, and the top, front drop panel, treadle and flywheel are all from #2. so after a long round of hijinks, i finally have a white family rotary in the mission cabinet up and working! see, first there was this idea - i really wanted a white in this cabinet, but figured id never find one.then, i bought an old beat up minnesota model c, because it was cheap, and i really wanted a treadle sewing machine.White and a business partner pooled together 0 to start their company.Funds were so scare that each machine made had to be sold before Mr. In 1866, sewing-machine production was moved to Cleveland, Ohio.

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